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What's On Upstairs at The Gather

Every Tuesday night at 7 pm we bring you lockdown music from Upstairs@TheGather

Ticket Sales to Live Events

Who knows what will happen next with COVID!
Where we are able to entertain a live audience
(where social distancing requires we limit to 18!),
we will sell tickets for those gigs. 
These will be priced at £15, and you should email us at 

to reserve yours. 
Please give generously
Whenever you listen to the streamed music you will see a link to a “Tip Jar”; this is a link to a PayPal payment system to allow you to make a gesture to the artists who are otherwise playing free for you. Please leave a generous tip.  As a guide remember the people you are watching with would have had to pay £15 each to see exactly that show live. Of course, if your income has been hit by lay off, furlough or redundancy, consider yourself an invited guest with nothing to pay.

Every penny donated in this way will go directly to the artists.


With PayPal QR codes,
there's no need for you to handle cash or cards.
It's easy: you simply open the PayPal app, scan the unique code below, and the payment is processed quickly.

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